Monday, September 5, 2011

Logo Design, and Layout for Lucid Aisle

I recently did some layout and design for Brent Joel of Lucid Aisle. Here is the Logo I designed to be used for the inner booklet and for a sticker. Also here is the Layout I did for the inner booklet of Lucid Aisle's "Lunacity" album.
I designed the layout so that the booklet is reversible. Its meant to be folded in half, like a standard 4 panel CD Jacket, but I made it so that you can make the Inside the Outside, and vice versa. The blue photo was provided by Brent, I did the text layout and Logo.
Thank you for looking at these.


  1. This is a really stupid question but what language does the script need to be in?logo design

  2. Hmm! Awesome and such a creative Cheap Logo Design work. I like it.